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Oral Hygiene/Cleaning
Oral Hygiene/Cleaning

We want your teeth to last you a lifetime. So at your regular six-month check-up a lot will be done, including: cleaning, oral cancer screening, dental exam, and fluoride application. X-rays and periodontal health evaluation may be done if indicated by your recall schedule. Of course, we also discuss any issues or concerns you may be having with your teeth and mouth. At home, you can do your part in keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Just remember to brush at least two times a day, floss daily, and try to limit how much sugary snacks and drinks you consume.

These check-up visits are also good for your overall health as well. Research has directly linked cardiovascular disease and diabetes to oral bacteria. Regular cleanings lowers the amount of bacteria in your mouth thereby lowering the risks for these diseases.

Ensuring that you maintain regular visits with one of our hygienists is your first and best line of defence against serious oral health problems, because early detection means we can start treatment as soon as possible.

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